Monday, 30 November 2015
Politics | ČTK

Miroslav Kalousek was elected the new leader of TOP 09, as expected, receiving support from 148 out of 171 delegates (86%) in a secret vote at the Czech opposition party's congress on Sunday. Kalousek was the only candidate for the post. He replaced Karel Schwarzenberg who left the post for health reasons. Schwarzenberg was elected TOP 09 honorary chairman. Kalousek said Schwarzenberg would remain the party's moral authority.

Prague | Radio Prague

The council at Prague City Hall has voted to ban all gaming bars in the city. More than 200 establishments with gambling machines are to be closed down, while a full ban is to be implemented in Prague 4.



National | ČTK

The Czech Republic is ready to contribute to the European financial support for Turkey so that Turkey can deal with more than two million refugees on its territory in a better way, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said ahead of the EU-Turkey summit on Sunday.

National | ČTK

Czech crime boss Radovan Krejčíř has been sentenced to 15 years in prison by the Prague Municipal Court for an attempted siphoning off assets from the state firm Čepro and plotting the murder of a customs officer.

National | ČTK

The Ortel music band that has supporters also among far-right groups scored a success in the Czech Nightingale pop music contest, in which the band or singer with the highest number of votes from the public wins.

National | Deutsche Welle

A Czech software pirate held up his end of an odd court bargain: get 200,000 people to watch him denounce his former ways. Convincing or not, the video got more than enough clicks.

Business | Prague Leadership Institute

Invictus tells us, in no uncertain terms, that it's all up to us. Yes, it's true, we have control over very little in our lives, except for one thing: how we choose to react to our circumstances, whatever they may be. We are the masters of our fates.

Life | ČTK

The Gulag Online Museum presenting a 3D reconstruction and virtual tour of former Soviet labour camp system will be launched by the Czech association Archipelago in March or April 2016.

Arts | ČTK

Czech pop singer Karel Gott won the Czech Nightingale pop music contest again this year, for the 40th time in his career. His appearance at the ceremony was brief as he is undergoing cancer treatment.

Arts | Opus Osm

What is a Czech Christmas without fish, or Ryba? Jan Jakub Ryba, that is. And there are kazillions of Christmas and other performances, with fish or not, to choose from in Prague this December.

Life | Prague TV

Get to know the Czech online food shopping environment

Opinion | ČTK

The era of prominent politicians who promoted the legacy of Václav Havel and occupied leading posts in major Czech political parties is over, Jiří Pehe wrote in Saturday's issue of Právo in relation to the fact that Karel Schwarzenberg left the post of TOP 09 chairman.