Sunday, 22 January 2017
National | ČTK

The Senate passed on Thursday the anti-smoking bill without any changes, which means that smoking will be absolutely banned inside restaurants, theatres and cinemas as of the end of May. The bill also bans smoking at transport stations, the use of electronic cigarettes in hospitals, schools and shopping centres, and the sales of cigarettes in vending machines where their use by underage persons cannot be ruled out.

Business | Real Estate | Prague TV

Business conglomerate Penta Investments bought the site of a former brewery in Prague's Nusle neighborhood, and they plan to build a CZK 2 billion project with some 450 flats. A historical property on the site will be preserved and likely have shops and offices as well as some flats.



Politics | ČTK

Prime Minister and ČSSD head Bohuslav Sobotka has spoken to representatives of the Washington STG company to see how it could help the party prepare for the October general elections, Hospodářské noviny reported.

Prague | Prague TV

Prague night trams and buses will be dressed to the nines. Or, at least the numbering is going to be changed to start with nine. Currently the night service vehicles start with five, in the 50s for trams and 500s for buses.

Business | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic's second city, Brno, has signed a memorandum with the company behind a revolutionary transport concept, the hyperloop.

National | Radio Prague

Twenty years ago the Czech Republic and Germany signed a joint declaration pledging not to burden bilateral relations with controversial issues from the past so as to enable the neighbouring states to look forward and fully develop the existing potential for cooperation.

Business | Reuters

After struggling one night to get chains on his tyres on a snowy mountain, Czech businessman Petr Gross decided he needed to come up with something that did the job better.

Arts | Radio Prague

An exhibition of photographs of the internationally renowned author Bohumil Hrabal is currently on show at Lucerna Café in Prague. The collection of photos was taken by the Czech-born documentary filmmaker and photographer Jan Kaplan.

Arts | ČTK

A number of artistic projects, including exhibitions of painters and photographers, will be staged in the Czech Republic on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Czech-German declaration this year.

Cinema | Prague TV

M. Night Shyamalan has made his name by having tricky plot twists near the end of his films. He has done this so often that the surprise is no surprise. His latest film, Split, deals with a man who has 23 distinct personalities.

Sport | Prague TV

The 2017 Red Bull Air Race season will have eight events, and as in previous years Czech pilots will be participating.

Sport | Radio Prague

Former football referee Dagmar Damková has become a member of FIFA Referees Committee for the next four years. Damková, who is 42, holds the same post in the UEFA, in charge of European women's football refereeing.