Wednesday, 23 July 2014
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Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka on Monday continued his tour of government ministries, this time focusing on Černín Palace and results over the last half year by the country's foreign minister, Lubomír Zaorálek.

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The Czech Republic boasts perhaps one of the strangest associations around, a group dedicated to climbing industrial chimneys in their spare time.



National | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic is one of the last remaining EU states which does not have a children’s Ombudsman, according to a government report on the state of human rights in the Czech Republic.

National | Radio Prague

Storms and heavy rain complicated traffic and flooded cellars in many parts of the country, particularly in south-western Bohemia.

National | Radio Prague

Sculptor David Černý must pay a former director of the Czech National Gallery, Milan Knížák, CZK 100,000 in damages for defaming him in a Czech Television interview.

Business | Prague Connect

The new owner of the historic Le Palais Art Hotel in Vinohrady has big plans to turn it into Prague's most luxurious hotel and a new art destination in the city.

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A bill being prepared by the ministry of the environment is aimed at making Czech national parks more accessible to hikers, giving more powers to municipalities and simplifying regulations, Minister Richard Brabec said on Tuesday.

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Making something tasty from fresh fruit is easier than it looks

Life | Prague TV

A yearly competition that finds the most talented TGI Friday’s bartenders in the Czech Republic returns to the American themed restaurant's Anděl branch on 24 July.

Life | Radio Prague

One month to go until the second Noir Film Festival, to be held at the Křivoklát Castle

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Sports sponsorship has been a dream of the founder, but so far the dating site has failed to score