Wednesday, 17 September 2014
Finance | Shanghai Daily

The Czech government on Monday decided to raise the minimum wage by CZK 700 to CZK 9,200 a month as of January 2015, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka announced. Under the proposal, the minimum wage will be increased by 8.2 percent as of January 2015. The hourly minimum wage is to be raised from CZK 50.60 to CZK 55. The lowest guaranteed wages for employees in the civil service and those without a collective agreement are also to be increased.

Business | Radio Prague

The global e-commerce giant Amazon is planning to build another logistics facility in the Czech Republic. In addition to an existing returns centre and a large warehouse whose construction began last week, Amazon is also looking to build another facility in Central Bohemia, the daily E15 reports.



National | Radio Prague

Five-year old British cancer patient Ashya King underwent his first treatment at Prague's Proton Therapy Centre on Monday. The therapy that he is undergoing uses beams of protons rather than high energy X-rays as in conventional radiotherapy.

National | Radio Prague

The Czech Republic will offer Iraq help in training the country's security forces, Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaorálek said at a conference in Paris aimed at coordinating international action in tackling the threat from Islamic State militants.

National | Radio Prague

This Sunday marked two years since prohibition was temporarily introduced in the Czech Republic in reaction to widespread methanol poisoning which eventually claimed almost 50 lives.

National | Radio Prague

The head of Czech expat associations in Ukraine Ludmila Muchinova has said she knows of only four families who are interested in repatriation to their old homeland.

Life | Radio Prague

The company Nanovo trades in classic design items from Czechoslovakia's Communist era. With a name that translates as 'again' or 'afresh', Nanovo sells everything from kitschy chandeliers to simple plastic phones to old-fashioned armchairs.

Life | Radio Prague

The work of the novelist Marek Toman is diverse. His latest book, due to be published next year, focuses on a notorious 17th century court case, but is far from being a mere costume drama.

Life | Prague TV

Roxy, a Prague nightlife institution that opened its doors 22 years ago, will celebrate its successful years in business this October with a week-long programme of events.

Dining | Prague TV

On the occasion of the Chilean Fiesta Nacional La Casa Blů is celebrating a Chilean week from 15 to 19 September.