Wednesday, 8 July 2015
National | ČTK

Greece cannot be kept in the eurozone against its will, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said in reaction to the Greek referendum that clearly rejected the austerity measures demanded in exchange for new financial aid on Sunday. The Greeks have chosen the worse and harder option not just for themselves but for the whole Europe, Sobotka said, referring to the possible departure of Greece from the eurozone.

Cinema | Prague Daily Monitor

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) got underway on Friday. In its fiftieth avatar, this year's event honours Hollywood star Richard Gere who received the Crystal Globe for his outstanding contribution to world cinema at the opening ceremony.



National | Reuters

Albanian police on Sunday arrested the suspected killer of a Czech couple who were shot dead while driving in the Theth area, a mountain wilderness popular with European tourists.

National | ČTK

Thousands of people on Friday supported an open letter from the Stop Hatred group denouncing racism and xenophobia in Czech society, published by the activists on their web site.

National | ČTK

The bishops of the Czech Roman Catholic Church have offered the government help with the accepting of Christian migrants whose life is at threat. The Czech Bishops' Conference said it would call on parishes to accept families of Christian refugees, in cooperation with the local authorities.

National | ČTK

Czech travel and language agencies have a problem proceeding all applications of elementary and secondary schools for mediating language stays abroad having have to quickly draw the EU money the Education Ministry has set aside for them, Hospodářské noviny wrote.

Business | Prague Leaders Magazine

The most successful change agents I worked with over the years spent vast resources on communicating reasons for change, the benefits and value of change, as well of the consequences of not changing.

Life | ČTK

A Havel's Place was unveiled in a park outside the Imperial Spa during the 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on Sunday.

Arts | The Prague Post

The summer-long art event Neighborhood Boogie-Woogie is an effort to bring art to the public by putting it places that people would normally go on their daily routines.

Life | The Prague Post

Prague is perfect, well, almost. The city is pretty far from the beach, so getting some swimming and sunbathing done takes a bit of work. But there are some options to cool off on a hot day.

Arts | Opus Osm

The Summer Festivities of Early Music July 13-Aug 8 brings women of the Baroque into the spotlight.

Life | Radio Prague

Jana Kotaishová grew up in the countryside of Southern Moravia, but when she married a Palestinian refugee over three decades ago, she embarked on a life that was far removed from the security and continuity of rural life in the Czech Republic. She has written a remarkable book, telling the story of her own life and of the lives of three generations of her husband's family.

Sport | Press Release | Prague TV

While temperatures continue to rise in Prague, so are the expectations for this year's edition of The GENERALI CEE Cup as the annual youth tournament in Prague is rapidly approaching.