Thursday, 21 September 2017
National | Prague TV

Czech tuzemák has again caught the attention of food regulators in Brussels. A chemical used to create the artificial rum flavor in the popular Czech liquor is suspected by the European Food Safety Authority of being carcinogenic. The chemical, called rum ether, is also used in candy and bake goods. The European Commission will evaluate the information and could ban the chemical from use in food and beverages across the EU. If that happens, Agriculture Minister Marian Jurečka will ask for an exception so that tuzemák can still be made.

Life | Prague TV

Graffiti has long been a problem in Prague, with several incidents of people vandalizing Charles Bridge and the National Theatre, among other landmarks. At the same time, many people consider large, colorful pieces to be street art, and the sprayers consider themselves artists. Some parts of Prague are providing areas where sprayers can paint on walls, while cleaning up other places such as residential buildings and walls in public spaces.



National | ČTK

Russian President Vladimir Putin invited his Czech counterpart Miloš Zeman to Sochi and he accepted the invitation, Zeman told Czech reporters at a press conference in New York, where he attended the U.N. General Assembly, on Wednesday.

Politics | ČTK

The new Czech office supervising the financial affairs of political parties launched administrative proceedings against the ANO movement over a book in which its leader Andrej Babiš presents his political vision, Czech Radio (ČRo) reported.

National | Radio Prague

A Czech national, who was kidnapped by terrorists in Libya in 2015, was probably murdered soon after the abduction, the Austrian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

Business | Radio Prague

The Office for the Protection of Competition has canceled a tender for the modernization of part of railway infrastructure in Prague for CZK 3.5 billion on the grounds that the SŽDC, the body which oversees railway infrastructure, breached the law on public tenders.

National | ČTK

A paleontology research centre of European importance and with a collection of dozens of thousands of carbon fossils will be built in Rokycany in the months to come, co-financed from EU funds.

Life | Prague TV

The fifth edition of Signal, the festival of light art, will take place in Prague from Oct. 12 to 15 with 22 installations. This year will be organized a bit differently than previous editions. There will be two official festival routes. One in Vinohrady will be shorter and perhaps a bit calmer, while the downtown route will go through the heart of Prague.

Arts | ČTK

British artist Roger Hiorns and the Rudolfinum Gallery will bury a Soviet-made Mig 21 fighter within the Plane Burial event in Dolní Břežany near Prague on October 1 on the occasion of the gallery's 100th exhibition.

Life | ČTK

German artists Gunter Demnig installed seven new Stolpersteine (stumbling blocks) commemorating the Jewish Bergmann family, some of whose members died in the Holocaust and others had to flee it abroad, in Chotěboř on Wednesday.

Opinion | ČTK

President Miloš Zeman used his traditional rhetoric at the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week and he did not say a word about the Russian threat to East Europe, Teodor Marjanovič wrote in Hospodářské noviny.