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ČSSD head: New elections are a possible solution to governmental cisis

Leaders Magazine |
13 June 2011

A talk with Bohuslav Sobotka, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party.

Czech MP says her party needs new 'sexy calendar'

Czech Position |
13 June 2011

Public Affair's deputy leader says another racy calendar featuring scantily clad candidates may be needed to boost election support.

Vondra makes key MoD replacements

Czech Position |
10 June 2011

Appointments to ministry procurement functions aim to purge corrupt practices from the MoD; ex-minister Barták claims credit.

Ex-minister Bárta may face corruption charges

Czech Position |
9 June 2011

Czech police ready to press corruption charges against de facto Public Affairs (VV) leader Vít Bárta over 'cash for loyalty' payments.

Public Affairs sets deadline for new Czech coalition deal

Czech Position |
8 June 2011

Public Affairs (VV) sets end-June deadline for coalition partners to meet its demands or says it will walk out of the government.

PM Nečas seeks accord on Cabinet posts to keep majority

Bloomberg |
7 June 2011

Premier Petr Nečas will seek to resolve squabbling over Cabinet posts that threatens to strip his coalition government of its parliamentary majority as lawmakers prepare to debate bills overhauling public finances.

Czech government parties seek deal to defuse rift

TrustLaw/Reuters |
6 June 2011

Czech ruling parties will aim for a deal to defuse a coalition rift over cabinet posts by Tuesday, before the start of an important lower house session, party leaders said after talks on Sunday.

Chief prosecutor plans anti-corruption unit

Czech Position |
3 June 2011

Supreme prosecutor Pavel Zeman wants to form a special department to fight against corruption, but his plan faces anonymous critics.

VV lines up expert as environment minister

Czech Position |
2 June 2011

Public Affairs (VV) has allegedly got its eyes on the Environment Ministry (MZP) and reckons it has just the man for the job.

State visit of the President of the Republic of Croatia to ČR

Leaders Magazine |
2 June 2011

State visit of the President of the Republic of Croatia to the Czech Republic.

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